It is my pleasure to work with Elbon team. I had great experience working with Mr Pande, Yogesh, Shwetha, Praveen, Karan and Abish. Mr. Pande and Yogesh led the team well and always there for SWE. Shwetha took a good care of SWE’s needs and request. Her proactive attitude made the conference meeting deadlines perfectly. Praveen, needless to say, was always on top of ALL logistic details. His experience and expectation of excellence brought the conference efficiently implemented. Karan was the star of the registration. The entire registration was managed smoothly and efficiently without traffic jam especially onsite.. I did have great experience with the Elbon team. Under your leadership, the Elbon team brought SWE Pune conference a success. SWE will happily invite Elbon to participate in future RFPs. The team is real professional.